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Politics of Quality

LOGISTICA GRILLO from its creation takes as a commitment to offer a service of the biggest possible quality, fulfilling the delivery times, in order to maintain a high level of satisfaction of our clients and to have this way a notable reputation inside the sector of the transport.

For it is has established a system of quality management based on the following beginning:

  • 1.To achieve the maximum satisfaction of our clients, creating a culture inside the organization that allows us to go forward to the needs of the same ones and improve its expectations.

  • 2.To have an organizational system adapted to guarantee the quality of our service in the course of delivery agreed.

  • 3.To guarantee and to undertake a commitment in the fulfilment of the legal, normative and contractual requisites that are established.

  • 4. To sensitize and to involve all the members of the organization in the development and continuous progress of the system of management of LOGISTICA GRILLO.

  • 5.To have the mechanisms defined inside the organization that allows establishing and obtaining the raised quality targets.

To fulfils this Politics of Quality, LOGISTICA GRILLO, it has implanted a System of quality Management with regard to the norm ISO 9001:2008, which, it is the reference to establish targets and goals, with that I improved in a continuous way the quality of our service and the efficacy of the quality System.

In this sense LOGISTICA GRILLO considers to be essential the implication of each and everyone of the members of the organization and for it is guarantees the diffusion and comprehension of this politics in all the levels of the organization.